Labscale TFF System

The Labscale TFF System is easy to use for sample preparation while also providing the necessary controls for process development and scale-up work. The system can be operated in concentration or continuous diafiltration modes. Specifically designed to operate the Pellicon XL module, the system reservoir accepts direct docking of the device, eliminating the need for tubing connections. This feature, in addition to the diaphragm pump assembly, provides the lowest working volumes, allowing typical sample concentrations of >25 x.

The Labscale TFF System has a graduated 500 mL acrylic reservoir with a retentate backpressure valve, feed and retentate pressure indicators, a stirrer assembly and diaphragm pump assembly. All wetted parts meet the requirements of USP Class VI testing and CFR 21 regulations.

Additional accessories include a Multi-Manifold Kit for mounting up to three Pellicon XL devices to the 500 mL reservoir, and a 100 mL reservoir for simple low volume separations. The Multi-Manifold can be used to run up to three Pellicon XL devices with different molecular weights to determine the best membrane for a specific process. Alternative configurations allow you to use the same molecular weight cut-off devices to speed up your processing time or process higher volumes.



Footprint                                                21.6 x 27.9 cm (8.5 x 11 in.)

Height                                                    45.7 cm (18 in.)

Weight                                                  5.9 kg (13 lb)

Maximum Inlet Pressure                     4.2 bar (60 psig)

Operating Temperature Range         4 – 45 °C

Feed Flow Rate                                    10 – 100 mL/min at 60 psi

Minimum Recirculation Volume        20 mL

Power                                                    115V, 60 Hz or 230V, 50 Hz

Materials of Construction

500 mL Reservoir :                             Acrylic

Reservoir cover :                                Polypropylene

Reservoir gasket :                              EPDM

Retentate valve diaphragm :           EPDM and polypropylene

Luer fittings :                                   316 stainless steel/polypropylene

Tubing :                                              Silicone (platinum-cured) and GORE™ STA-PURE® (platinum-cured silicone expanded PTFE) plastic

Diaphragm pump housing :            Glass-filled polypropylene

Diaphragm pump :                            PTFE coated

Diaphragm pump check valve :     Polypropylene and Simriz® perfluoroelastomer

Housing/enclosure :                        Polyurethane

주문 정보

Labscale TFF Systems

카탈로그 번호 Description
XX42LSS11 Labscale™ Kits System 115 V
XX42LSS12 Labscale™ Kits System 230 V

Labscale TFF System Components
카탈로그 번호 Description
XX42PMP01 Pump Module
XX42RES01 Reservoir, 500 mL, for LabScale
XX42RES05 Reservoir, 100 mL, for LabScale
XXRES05ST Stand for 100 mL Reservoir

Compatible Pumps and Pump Head
카탈로그 번호 Description
XX80LFL25 Labscale System 1/8" Tubing Kit