Remote Air Sampler: MiniCapt®

일반적인 Air sampler 사용시
젤라틴 필터 또는 Aga 배지를 끼워 놓고서 부유균 측정을 하고 있는데 단점이 있습니다.

1) 소모품이 지속적으로 들어감
2) 배지를 배양하므로 최소 3일, 일반적으로 5일 이상 걸림

그러나 본 제품은 실시간으로 공기중에 Air particle을 모니터링하는 게 아니라 미생물을 모니터링하는 장비입니다. 해외에서 이미 제약회사, 반도체회사, 병원에서 많이 사용되고 있습니다.

- 소모품이 필요 없으므로 시험 비용 원가 절감됩니다.
- 실시간으로 미생물을 컴퓨터 앞에서 모니터링 합니다.
- 레이저 센서로 미생물을 모니터링 합니다.

Sensitivity range: 1 cfu
HEPA-filtered exhaust =no cleanroom contamination

Ideally suited for aseptic environments as part of a  facility monitoring system , the MiniCapt ®  Remote Microbial Air Sampler from  Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)  simplifies the job of microbial air sampling by applying  modern data management capabilities  that  save time and reduce operator error  in air sampling data. The MiniCapt Viable Microbial Sampler uses a  unique HEPA-filtered exhaust  so it doesn’t contaminate the cleanroom. With a  small footprint , the MiniCapt Microbial Sampler can operate virtually anywhere, without a house vacuum. Because the MiniCapt Microbial Sampler is software automated,  you don’t have to gown up to control it.   The pump won’t contaminate your environment , so you can set it up to monitor particles and microbials in the same location–and then forget about it. It’s also easy to clean, works with all  Particle Measuring Systems’ software .





  • - Intuitive user interface
  • - HEPA filter exhaust
  • - Remote connection to the BioCapt Microbial Impactor (Single-Use)
  • - Autoclavable with a sanitizable enclosure
  • - Available in 12 languages
  • Benefits

    • - The impactor head inlets are precision engineered to ensure laminar flow, thus optimizing collection and biological yields in accordance with ISO 14698-1
    • - Multiple sampling applications including compressed gas monitoring and remote isolator sampling, all with a single sampler
    • - Identification of false positives can reduce investigation costs through use of radial slit design
    • - No risk of environmental contamination from air exhaust
    • - Optimal recovery of microorganisms – reduced false negative risk
    • - Remote sampling automation eliminates operator errors from incorrect sampling procedures and manual data recording
    • - Single use sampling method option with BioCapt® Single-Use device
  • Applications