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  • Pellicon XL 50 Microfiltration Devices

    The Pellicon XL 50 cassette couples Millipore's superior microfiltration membranes with the first truly linearly scalable TFF device for processing small volumes. The Durapore membrane offers ultra-low protein binding and excellent retention performance, which assures reliable and consistent performance.

    For linear scalability to exist within a family of TFF devices, the channel geometry (path length and channel height) must be identical for each filter. The Pellicon XL 50 cassette is the only TFF product of this size that can make this claim, providing simple, reliable linear scaleup. The feed and permeate flow channels in every Pellicon XL 50 cassette operates with the same pressure drop, flow velocity, and concentration profile as the larger Pellicon 2 cassettes.

    The Labscale TFF System is easy to use for sample preparation while also providing the necessary controls for process development and scale-up work.

    Consistent High Flux and High Product Recovery The long established Durapore hydrophilic PVDF microfiltration membrane is well known for its exceptional combination of high flux, low protein binding, and high product recoveries.

    Pellicon XL 50 cassettes are 100% integrity tested in manufacturing to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

  • Labscale TFF System

    The Labscale TFF System is easy to use for sample preparation while also providing the necessary controls for process development and scale-up work. The system can be operated in concentration or continuous diafiltration modes. Specifically designed to operate the Pellicon XL module, the system reservoir accepts direct docking of the device, eliminating the need for tubing connections. This feature, in addition to the diaphragm pump assembly, provides the lowest working volumes, allowing typical sample concentrations of >25 x.

    The Labscale TFF System has a graduated 500 mL acrylic reservoir with a retentate backpressure valve, feed and retentate pressure indicators, a stirrer assembly and diaphragm pump assembly. All wetted parts meet the requirements of USP Class VI testing and CFR 21 regulations.

    Additional accessories include a Multi-Manifold Kit for mounting up to three Pellicon XL devices to the 500 mL reservoir, and a 100 mL reservoir for simple low volume separations. The Multi-Manifold can be used to run up to three Pellicon XL devices with different molecular weights to determine the best membrane for a specific process. Alternative configurations allow you to use the same molecular weight cut-off devices to speed up your processing time or process higher volumes.

  • Milliflex® Plus Vacuum Pump

    Easy, reliable and workflow-friendly bioburden testingEasy, reliable and workflow-friendly bioburden testing

    Evaluating downstream process quality involves multiple steps, whether in pharmaceutical, beverage, or microelectronic product manufacturing processes. Our compact Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump streamlines filtration steps during bioburden testing (microbial limit testing) to accelerate QC sampling. The vacuum pump and the convenient Milliflex® filtration funnels, when used together, comprise an integrated solution for delivering reliable, accurate results in high-throughput production environments.
    These features of the Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump simplify your bioburden testing workflow:
    • Automatic, hands-off filtration for reduced testing time
    • Sanitary design with autoclavable pump heads
    • Modular pump head for greater filtration device flexibility
    • Internal calibration program to ensure accuracy

  • RiOs™ 30/50/100/150/200 Water Purification System

    Up to 8000 liters of Reverse Osmosis water per day
    RiOs™ systems are ideal for laboratories needing reliable production of Reverse Osmosis, RO (Type 3) water from potable tap water. RO pure water produced by RiOs™ systems is ideal for non-critical laboratory applications, such as:
    • Glassware rinsing
    • Hydroponics
    • Water baths
    • Feed water for humidifiers, autoclaves, glassware washers, washing machines
    • Feed water for ultrapure water systems
    Systems are available in 30, 50, 100, 150 and 200 liter models to match the specific volume needs of your laboratory. They can provide up to 8000 L of RO water per day. RiOs™ can be integrated into a centralized system, providing total control of all parameters within the system itself as well as within the external pure water distribution loop.