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Pyrosate limit test using USP reference standard endotoxin

Date 2022-06-21 Hits 779

미국약전 (USP) 엔도톡신 표준원액 (RSE)를  사용하여 시약 감도 테스트를 어떻게 진행할까요 ?  

신속 겔화법 시약 Pyrosate 을 이용한 시험 방법에 대해서 알아보십시오.

This Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. training video is intended to help you achieve proficiency with our Pyrosate® test kit - a rapid and easy to perform test for endotoxin detection. It is based on the gel-clot test method and is specific for endotoxin. In this video, we will demonstrate the FDA licensed Limit Test using USP Reference Standard Endotoxin (otherwise referred to as RSE).